Inspired by equestrian leatherwork

Katharine's lifelong passion inspired her to create something beautiful and unique.

Our Company

Katharine Page makes sandals inspired by the form and function of equestrian leatherwork. The finest natural materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and our signature 'fancy stitching,' are key elements of our luxury sandals.

Our Principles

We believe that true luxury is about quality. Designed in the USA and made by hand in Portugal, we take pride in our products and we stand by their quality.

We believe that true luxury is about simplicity. Our classic styles will never be out of date.

We believe that true luxury is about comfort. Our products are not only beautiful, but comfortable, too.

We believe that true luxury is about longevity. Katharine Page sandals are designed, and hand crafted, to last.

We believe in sustainable manufacturing and responsible business practices. As we grow, we will continue to embrace these principles.

Our Hope

We hope that you will wear, care for, and love- your Katharine Page sandals for many years to come.

Katharine Page

Katharine had her first riding lesson when she was 6, and she's loved horses ever since.

From Virginia to California, from Florida to her home in New York, Katharine has spent the past 25 years riding on the hunter jumper ‘A’ circuit.

Over the years, Katharine came to appreciate the functional beauty of the bridles worn by the show horses. Bridles made of the finest leathers and handcrafted to last a lifetime.

In 2012, Katharine had an idea: create a collection of women’s sandals inspired by equestrian leatherwork. Classic styles that are elegant, yet modern, comfortable, and made to last.

For decades, the fashion world has looked to the equestrian world for inspiration, but rarely have designers lived it, breathed it, loved it- as Katharine has.

Katharine Page, the company, exists because of this passion.